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My Favorite Clients are

Ulti - The ultimate object or aim.  Reaching the highest telos

preneur - to seize, to go after

With the right soil, water, sunlight, and pruning, a single tomato seed can grow into a plant that produces dozens of tomatoes, each containing hundreds of seeds with the potential to grow thousands more.  Humans have even greater potential. My passion is to help people overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, find resources, and amplify their strengths in order to bring their highest visions to fruition. 


  • Feels called to, and will settle for nothing less than fulfilling their dreams

  • Is going for "full bloom" and isn't satisfied to bud and die on the vine

  • Is coming from a place of service & abundant giving (not entitlement)

  • Is willing to do the work to grow and thrive 

  • Is inner-directed, self-reliant, and capable, but also recognizes that a good coach is a valuable asset who can bring out their best and make things easier, better, or faster.

If This Sounds Like You,
Let's Work Together
& Make Things Happen!

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