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are Ultipreneurs

My Favorite Clients

Ulti - The ultimate object or aim.  Reaching the highest telos

preneur-  root meaning- to seize, to take, to go after

Consider the potential of a single tomato seed:

It can sprout, grow into a flowering plant and produce a harvest of fruit. Each tomato it produces contains hundreds of seeds that have the potential to grow thousands more. Of course, it needs the right soil, nutrients, water, sunlight, and pruning to pull off this magnum opus, but the potential is there all along.

Humans have much greater potential than the most prolific tomato.

My passion is working with high-achieving mavericks that are up to big, crazy, and "impossible" things. I help them find resources, overcome obstacles, minimize weaknesses and amplify strengths so they can accomplish their missions and bring their visions to fruition. 


  • Feels called to, and will settle for nothing less than fulfilling their dreams

  • Is going for "full bloom" is isn't satisfied to bud and die on the vine

  • Is coming from a place of service & abundant giving, not entitled taking

  • Is willing to do the work to grow and thrive (like a tomato plant bends to the light and sends roots to reach water instead of complaining about shade and drought)

  • Is inner-directed, self-reliant, and capable, but also recognizes that a good coach is a valuable asset who can bring out their best and make things easier, better, or faster.

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